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What's new in Statey?

custom recipient form options
Custom Recipients →

01 June 2022

Create more targeted statement runs with Statey’s new custom recipients. Pick any of your Xero contact groups, and optionally apply smart filters.

Weekly schedule run options
Weekly Statement Runs →

01 May 2022

A small but essential change just went live in Statey. You can now configure your schedules to run weekly.

Age analysis configuration options
Age Analysis Customisation →

01 April 2022

Statey’s 30-60-90-day age analysis just got smarter. You can now customise the aging methodology you’d like Statey to apply.

Manual sync trigger
Refresh Statey Whenever →

01 December 2021

You can now manually trigger a refresh of your Xero data and see the status of the syncing process.

Custom text in statement footer
Custom Caption in Statement Footer →

01 November 2021

Statey now enables you to add a custom caption to the bottom of your Xero customer statements. This is a great place for your remittance instructions, bank details and a brief courtesy message. Embedding payment information in the statement is also good practice to avoid fraud or error.

Sent items filter
Filterable Sent Items →

01 October 2021

Statey keeps track of all automated emails it sends to your customers. We’ve recently updated the sent items page to include filters that help you quickly sift through sent items to find issues that need your attention.

Custom statement logo form
Custom Logos Have Arrived →

01 August 2021

Statey now enables you to add a custom logo to your Xero customer statements. This creates familiarity which is essential to make your communications more trustworthy.

Toggle to exclude a contact
Exclude a Contact from Automated Statements →

01 July 2021

Statey automatically emails statements to all your Xero customers that have an outstanding amount. You can now opt a contact out of this default list. This ensures that you don’t spam any customers that do not want monthly statements.


Add ageing to statements →

30,60,90-day ageing helps your customers manage their account with you. This guide shows you how to add it to your statements.

How to set up statement reminders →

Statement reminders are a great alternative to invoice reminders. This guide shows you how to make the switch.

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How to automatically send statements in Xero

How to automatically send statements in Xero. (1 min)

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