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How to set up statement reminders in Xero

Written by Gary M.

Xero has a built-in feature to automatically email invoice reminders to your customers. It’s a great way to keep your debtor days down with some automation.

invoice reminders button in Xero

But what if you have many invoices per month for a single customer? Invoice reminders would overrun them with individual emails. They would begin to ignore you, defeating the purpose of the reminders in the first place.

That’s where ‘statement reminders’ come in.

To set up customer statement-level reminders in Xero, you’ll need to use a simple plugin called Statey. Statey is available on the Xero app store here. It enables you to set up an automated schedule that will send statements to any of your customers with outstanding amounts. You can configure the schedule to deliver statements weekly or monthly.

Here is how to get statement reminders set up in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Sign up for Statey at www.statey.app. It has a long free trial to get you going:

statey homepage screenshot

Step 2

Statey will walk you through setting up a schedule. Follow the wizard and configure your schedule to send weekly or monthly.

schedule wizard step 1

Step 3

Set up an email template to be used in the weekly or monthly schedule. Variables enable you to personalise the content of your statement email for each customer:

schedule wizard step 3

When you finish the wizard, Statey will send you a test email as an example. And you’re done!

Statey will monitor your customers’ outstanding amounts and send statements to any with a total due. You can monitor any previously sent statements in Statey. It tracks who received, opened or didn’t get their statement because of missing emails or email bounces.

Statey dashboard

Ready to give Statey a go?

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