Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customise my customer statements?

Yes. You can toggle sections (like 'activity', 'age analysis', 'outstanding') on and off. You can add your logo and footer text. You can also customise the email that delivers the statement PDF.

Can I send statements manually?

Yes. You can open a customer's profile in Statey, generate a PDF statement, and download it. You can also email it to the customer directly from Statey as a once-off, manual exercise.

Who are sent statements?

You can use any of your Xero contact groups, and apply smart filters to target specific subsets of your customers.

Do I have to use a Statey's automated schedule?

No. You can use Statey without any automation. If you like the statement customisation Statey provides and only want to use it manually, then you can disable the schedule.

How do I add more users?

Statey follows the permissions you've configured in Xero. To add users, you must ensure they have access to your organisation in Xero and then get them to log in to Statey using their Xero account.

Can I run multiple schedules to different recipients?

Not yet. We're working this :)

Can I see sent items?

Yes. You can view all sent items and whether recipients engaged with your email.

Can I exclude contacts from the schedule?

Yes. You can toggle specific contacts to be excluded from all automation.

I just created a record on Xero. Why can't I see it immediately in Statey?

Statey may not have synced your latest data yet. We perform automated syncs every 6 hours. You can view the time of your last sync, or manually trigger a sync, in the top right of the navigation bar.

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