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Custom Recipients

01 June 2022

custom recipient form options

Create more targeted statement runs with Statey’s new custom recipients. Pick any of your Xero contact groups, and optionally apply smart filters.

Xero’s contact groups are a great way to segment customers into separate lists. You can read more about Xero contact groups here.

Statey now allows you to pick any of your contact groups as recipients for your statement run:

custom recipient list options

The ‘All active customers’ list is a default list that Statey offers out-the-box. It includes all your customers that have had an invoice raised in the last three months, or any customers with an outstanding amount, no matter how old the invoice is. It’s a great default if you don’t have any contact groups.

Once you’ve chosen a list, you can apply a filter to narrow your recipients even further:

custom recipient filters

Using a list and filter combination ensures you don’t spam customers your customers. You can globally exclude a contact from all runs using the contact exclusion feature.

Here’s an example of two list and filter combinations:

custom recipient configuration examples

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